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FREE for a Limited Time – Video Mobile Marketing Training! Learn all about text marketing, mobile apps and mobile websites – Portland small business owners act now!

Mobile marketing cuts through the clutter of spam filters and junk mail to communicate directly with your customers in real time and in a meaningful way! Our free training will show you strategies used by the top mobile marketing company in Portland. Start learning today!


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Over 1 trillion texts were sent across the US last year – making the next hot marketing trend text marketing. Portland consumers want to access your small business on their mobile device on the go. If you don’t have mobile websites, you might as well not be on the web at all. Our free course will show you tips and strategies used by the best mobile marketing agency in Portland – try it today!


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Even with 4G, standard websites take forever to load – people expect sites to load on their smart phones within 3 seconds or they will look to a competitor for a better experience. Are you going to let them walk away or are you going to take advantage of the trend?

Tell Me How Mobile Marketing Training Can Help My Small Business

By setting up mobile websites, delving into text marketing and mobile apps, Portland small businesses are leveraging the mobile trend to drive revenues. If you own a small business in Portland, mobile marketing is the most cost effective, consistent method of reaching your customers.

Here are some recent Portland mobile marketing success stories:
  • An oil change business, working with a Portland mobile marketing company, launched a campaign using text message marketing – Portland customers are sent relevant offers and oil change reminders they can redeem instantly. Mobile coupon redemption has been consistent at around 27% per campaign.
  • A riding stable launched mobile websites Portland outdoor enthusiasts could use to check out their trail rides, riding lessons and working farm. They also used text marketing to offer discounts. By using mobile marketing to advertise their decidedly old-fashioned business, they were able to effectively differentiate themselves and appeal to a wider customer base, increasing revenues by 38%.
  • A comic book and RPG shop used Portland mobile marketing tips to enrich their mobile profile. They launched a series of mobile apps, working with a marketing agency, and then branched into text marketing. Portland gamers responded like crazy. With a customer base that’s extremely hi-tech, they had to be ultra-creative to create interest. By developing niche-specific mobile websites, Portland customers were able to access just the content they wanted which increase customer usage and satisfaction.


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Our free mobile marketing training can teach you secrets used by many a Portland marketing agency. From text marketing to mobile websites, Portland small business owners can learn all they need to know – strategies of the best mobile marketing company and how to use text message marketing Portland consumers will respond to! Try it today…

Training Video #1 – Text Message Marketing
Mobile Marketing Portland Text message training

Any mobile marketing company will tell you that text message marketing is the most cost-effective way to generate actionable communications with your customers. If you think it’s only for kids, you’re wrong about text marketing – Portland texters are an average age of 40! If you send out an offer via text message marketing, Portland mobile users are 90% likely to read it within 4 minutes and the response rate is near 30% for text message marketing. Portland small businesses need mobile marketing and we can show you how to find a mobile marketing company in Portland to advise you! Take a look at our Text Message Marketing Reviews and learn more about sms marketing.

Training Video #2 – Mobile Websites
Mobile Marketing Training Portland Mobile Websites

Whether you do it yourself or use a mobile marketing agency, you need a mobile website. In most cases, traditional websites don’t load properly on mobile devices. Consumers expect you to have a mobile website and for it to load within 3 seconds. Learn how to find a good mobile marketing company in Portland to help you. Whether or not you use a mobile marketing agency, Portland small businesses need a presence on the mobile web or you risk losing business to your competitors.

Training Video #3 – Mobile Apps for Businesses
Mobile App Training for Portland Mobile Marketing

Mobile apps are one of the hottest marketing tools today. Over 10 billion mobile apps have been downloaded on iPhones and Android is rapidly catching up. Our free training will teach you what you need to know to develop mobile apps Portland mobile users will download in droves. You will probably need a mobile marketing company to help you, but you will see that for mobile apps, Portland is a market greedy for content.

What We Will Teach You Today!

Our free training will show you the secrets used by the top mobile marketing company in Portland. You’ll learn:

  • How to design mobile apps Portland smart phones users will download by the thousands
  • How to develop a strategy for text marketing Portland consumers will respond to
  • How to create mobile websites Portland customers will go to time and again
  • How to incent referrals and repeat business through text message marketing Portland mobile users will act on
  • Secrets of the top mobile marketing agency Portland small businesses turn to
  • How to select a mobile marketing company in Portland
  • Why you need mobile apps and how to use a marketing agency to help you develop them cheaply


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Get started now – our free training will teach you to be your own mobile marketing agency – Portland small business owners watch now for absolutely free!

“My tanning bed business is extremely seasonal. I needed a way to drive business in those pale, chilly winter months. I watched your free Portland mobile marketing training and was immediately inspired! I called a mobile marketing company and found I couldn’t afford their rates, but I picked their brains for mobile marketing ideas. I was able to outsource development of a couple of mobile websites which are doing great -  then I launched a text marketing campaign to offer discounted off-season tanning and the response was phenomenal – I reminded people via text marketing, Portland is pale, depressing place in the winter and they would feel healthier and revived with a nice glow. Thanks for the great start!”
Geri – Mill Park
“I run a pizza place and recently launched a campaign in text marketing after I watched your free mobile marketing training videos. Portland has quite a few good pizza parlors so it’s a competitive niche. I’ve been working with a local marketing agency on my “No Scissors Required” mobile coupon series. They’ve had a greater than 40% redemption rate. I also push last minute specials on slow nights to ramp up carry-out and delivery and those have taken off as well. I’m working on a couple of mobile websites – one for delivery and one for carryout that I hope to launch later this month – thanks for all the free info!”
Vincent – Goose Hollow
“I teach modeling and acting to children and have concentrated my ad efforts in the past in local parenting magazines and street signage. I have found my enrollments slowing lately so I knew I needed an edge. Your mobile marketing training has given me the edge I needed. I launched two mobile websites – one for modeling and one for acting – then I offered coupons on the site and saw a 28% uptick in registrations in just the first month! Awesome results!”
May – Downtown Portland
No matter what your small business does, mobile marketing will enhance your marketing efforts. We will show you the secret strategies used by a top mobile marketing agency. Portland smart phone use is booming and you need a presence on all those devices – start with our FREE Portland mobile marketing training today!



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